Learn something new or find something new to get ahead

The ServSuccess Plus Learning Library, offers 200 video courses and lessons as well as interactive videos on everything from personal finance to mental health to business skills. And whether you’re simply perusing a lesson or two or taking a full course, the average lesson length is 7 minutes, so you can squeeze in your learning whenever you have time.

What can I learn?

Here are some examples of the lessons and courses available in the Learning Library by topic area:

Sample Learning Library Videos

Health & Wellness

  • Managing Stress
  • Fighting Fatigue
  • Wellness Toolkit: Healthy Eating on the Go

Personal Finance

  • Personal Financial Health: Making Debt Payment Plan
  • Finance for Everyone Toolkit: Lending and Loans
  • Setting Personal Financial Goals

Business Skills

  • Defusing Angry Customers
  • Becoming a Leader Without Being a Manager
  • Building Strategic Relationships

Personal Development

  • Creating an Effective Daily Routine
  • Selling you: Preparing for a Job Interview
  • Setting and Managing Priorities

Other topic areas include:

  • Conflict resolutions
  • Cyber security awareness
  • Career development

Ready for a new job?

ServSuccess Plus subscribers get access to our cultivated job board listing positions specific to the hospitality industry. You can filter and search for jobs in your geographic area that are the right fit for what you want to do next in your career.