When you need a doctor, call one anytime, anywhere

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Teladoc Health

In partnership with Teladoc Health, ServSuccess Plus gives you 24/7 access to doctors by phone, video or app for non-emergency conditions. Whether you need treatment for yourself or anyone in your family, get that help quickly and conveniently at no cost to you.

Telehealth Doctor

Meet our doctors

Teladoc is simply a new way to access qualified doctors. All Teladoc doctors:

  • Are practicing PCPs, pediatricians, and family medicine physicians.
  • Average 20 years experience
  • Are U.S. board-certified and licensed in your state
  • Are credentialed every three years, meeting NCQA standards

Get the care you need

Teladoc doctors diagnose, recommend treatment and prescribe medication (when medically necessary). They can treat many medical conditions, including:

  • Cold & flu symptoms
  • Allergies
  • Sinus problems
  • Sore throat
  • Respiratory infection
  • Skin problems
  • And more!
Coffee shop employee
ServSuccess Plus Member having a telehealth visit with doctor and family member.

Fits around your schedule

Nothing interrupts your busy life like getting sick. Teladoc is a convenient first step toward getting better. ServSuccess Plus subscribers have unlimited $0 telemedicine visits that are perfect for:

  • When you need care now
  • Avoiding late-night ER or urgent care visits for common ailments
  • Vacation, business trips, or away from home
  • Short-term prescription refills

ServSuccess Plus has arranged for 24/7 telehealth services to be available to subscribers from Teladoc Health, Inc. A portion of each subscriber’s subscription fee will be collected and remitted directly to Teladoc for such services.

ServSuccess Plus provides subscribers with health and wellness savings and resources in partnership with My Benefits Work. You and your family can start saving time and money by accessing discounts on health care services and products as well get assistance with managing stress.

Save on dental and vision care and other health products

Dental services such as cleanings, X-rays, root canals, and fillings are discounted between 15-50%. Savings on orthodontics and periodontics are also available!  And with your vision benefit you can get between 10-60% off eye exams, glasses, contacts, and LASIK.

  • Diabetic supplies
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Hearing aids
  • Lab testing
  • MRI & CT scans
  • Vitamins

Receive help with managing stress

Four out of five Americans report feeling stressed, and ServSuccess Plus offers subscribers Telephonic EAP to help manage that stress.

  • Call 24/7 for unlimited access to professional counselors
  • Short-term assistance for personal issues like stress, depression, family problems, and substance abuse
  • Referrals for long-term counseling or specialized care when appropriate
  • Help and referrals for childcare and eldercare issues, legal and financial concerns, and more

Get back pain relief and financial health assistance

ServSuccess Plus Premier subscribers add discounted chiropractic care and financial wellness counseling to their services.

  • Save 30-50% on chiropractic services such as x-rays, diagnostic services, and treatments for back and joint pain
  • Gain a helping hand from Accredited or Certified Financial Counselors to guide you through the major financial changes and challenges in life, from paying for college to buying a home and managing a budget

Keep pets healthy and legal issues at bay

With the ServSuccess Plus Elite plan, subscribers also get discounted products and services for their pets as well as free and discounted services from experienced lawyers.

  • Save 25% on all in-house medical services at participating veterinarians as well as all purchases from PetCareRX.com
  • Attorneys help with traffic tickets, bankruptcy, divorce, and spousal/child support, only charging $125/hour or 40% off their hourly rate, whichever is greater
  • Free legal services include one-on-one consultations, attorney-made phone calls, help with legal documents, assistance with welfare and INS, representation in small claims court, and a Simple and Living Will